Weekly Featured Snippet – Adam Smith’s From The Now To The Next

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 We are excited to feature Adam Smith’s Snippet, From the Now to the Next as our featured Snippet this week!!

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About From the Now to the Next:

Life happens, but it is your perspective that changes things. In this Snippet, you will be encouraged to fight through your tough season and see the other side. These lessons taken from will not only prepare you for what is ahead, but challenge you to take steps within your current season. Embrace difficulty and grow from it.

We have all been through difficult seasons in life; some more painful than others. There are seasons that we quickly want out of because we are afraid that if we have to endure them any longer, we will somehow break. Then there are those seasons that we want to spend more time in because we they are the ones that are easy to coast through. In these seasons, life is just easier to handle. Breathing seems more natural in these times, but each season of life will not only be experienced at some point, they are necessary for each and every one of us.

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