How Videos Should Work

With any new product you always end up with little bugs that need to be worked out. One of the biggest ones we had with Snippet’s first release was an issue with Video downloading and the video load bar. With our newest release we’ve been able to fix this.

Here is how video downloading should work:

  1. A Video is waiting for download. You should notice a small, faint, loading bar that is not filled out. This means that the Video Discoverable is waiting to be downloaded. Discoverables download in order starting at chapter 1 and moving on to chapter 2, then 3, etc. So the first video to load will be the first video in the Snippet.


  2. A Video is being downloaded. You should notice the faint loading bar filling up with a darker grey. This means that Video Discoverable is in the process of downloading. Depending on internet connection, length, and qulaity of video this could take a few minutes. You can continue reading and come back, the video will continue downloading even if you move on. However if you leave the Snippet or the App it will stop downloading and resume when you come back.


  3. A Video is downloaded and ready to play. There is no more loading bar and you are ready to go. Hit the video icon and the video will open and play. Depending on size of the video there may be a 1-2 second delay as the video opens.




Well thats that. Enjoy!

If you have any further issues with video please contact our support team at
[email protected]
or check our support community at here.

The Snippet Team