Introducing Sniffit for Snippet.


We love the smell of books. It’s the one thing that sets traditional books apart from the electronic–until now. SniffIt is is an accessory that attaches to your iOS device and releases over 10,000 pre-loaded scents, including the nostalgic “old book smell.” For the first time ever, you can engage in a multi-sensory, mobile reading experience. Imagine reading a Snippet about gardening and being able to smell each type of flower, or reading a Snippet Cook Book with the scent of that BBQ ribeye there to get you motivated to fire up the grill!

With short bursts of aromas bringing each chapter to life, it’s the like a Twitter for scents. We are so excited about this new feature and are thankful for our partnership with aroma specialist, Lipra S. Loof. One of the original chemists behind the Febreeze products, Lipra has been designing this plug-in for years and has decided to release it with Snippet. We can’t wait for readers to get a whiff of this new feature!