Join us for SnippoWriMo and write a Snippet in a month!




We are excited to be hosting SnippoWriMo this month, January 2014!

Join us and write a Snippet in a month!

Snippets are shorter than books, have 1,000 words or less per chapter, and can have unlimited chapters. They’re beautiful, engaging and rich–and we know you can create an amazing one! If you haven’t seen our short video about Snippet, take a minute and watch:

And if you want to see what a published Snippet looks like, simply download the free Snippet App in the app store on your iOS device and scroll through to see the amazing authors and content already in there. Some selections are even free!


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How do I sign up for SnippoWriMo?

It’s easy-peasy. Sign up here and you’ll get access to Snippet’s super-amazing Writer Dashboard. You can also visit our FAQ page to get some ideas on what kind of Snippet you can create and different ways other authors are using it!

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter too so you can receive updates and encouragement throughout your journey.

We’ve even made some handy participation badges you can proudly display to let others know you’re part of SnippoWriMo. Link them to the SnippoWriMo web page so people can click on your badge and join in too.

(Click here download your SnippoWriMo Badge.)

And in case you are wondering if people can buy your Snippet when you publish it, the answer is yes! After you publish your Snippet and it has been approved, it will become available for download in the Snippet store from $ .99 – $4.99.

Whether or not you joined in on NaNoWriMo, you can participate in SnippoWriMo! Find out all the scoop over at our FAQ page!

Still have questions?

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer them.