New on Snippet: Leveraging Your Leadership Style


Whether you’re an entrepeneur, business owner, manager or pastor, Dr. John Jackson and Lorraine Bossé-Smith can help you maximize your leadership potential with their new Snippet. The Leveraging Your Leadership Style Snippet will help you identify and understand your leadership style and implement effective leadership practices. Dr. Jackson shares the expertise he has gained from over 30 years of experience working in pastoral ministry, non-profit leadership and as a speaker and author. He utilizes the Snippet platform to share his own observations and advice directly with you through video discoverables.


If you are in a position of leadership, this Snippet will give you valuable insight into yourself and your team members, to help you lead more effectively. Download the Snippet and start Leveraging Your Leadership Style today:


About The Writer
An author, speaker and leader, Dr. John Jackson has written several books on leadership and personal and organizational development. These include Pastorpreneur, God-Size Your Church, Finding Your Place in God’s Plan and High Impact Church Planting. Dr. Jackson is currently the President of William Jessup University in Rocklin, California.

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