New on Snippet – Perfect Planning: Wedding Tips, Tricks and Traditions


When most people think of how-to’s for wedding planning, they think checklists, calendars and budget worksheets. Professional event planner Kim Lantz believes the process should be much more than that, and her new Snippet is not your typical planning how-to. Kim’s Snippet opens up honest conversation about how to make moments and memories, not just on your wedding day, but throughout the planning process. Whether you’re a bride, groom, part of the wedding party, or you just want to to get married one day, Kim has something for you in Perfect Planning.


Kim’s Snippet is filled with creative ideas to inspire you and stories to encourage you.  She also shares tips and tricks she picked up from her experience as a wedding planner, so you know all the details that need to come together for your wedding day. Plus, photos and audio discoverables bring these ideas to life in her Snippet. Discover the secrets of perfect wedding planning and learn how to enjoy every stage!


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About the Writer

Kim has been an event planner for over 5 years and is the founder of Alpha Lee Events ( Her experience as a professional wedding planner–and memories of the joys and stresses that came with planning her own wedding–give her great insight into what you need to know for your special day. You can learn more about Kim and find great event tips on her blog:


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