Weekly Featured Snippet – Paul Jarvis’s Eat Awesome

We’re excited to have Paul Jarvis’s Snippet Eat Awesome as our Featured Snippet this week, free! Download Now  About Eat Awesome… Being touted as, “a regular person’s guide to plant-based, whole foods,” Eat Awesome is packed with useful, easy-to-understand information on plant-based cooking. It’s not a science textbook; it’s more like a conversation with a guy who really loves…Read More

Podcast: Guy Vincent on Crowdfunding Books

Guy Vincent joins Matt to talk about how authors can use crowdfunding as a book sales strategy. Guy runs Publishizer, a platform for authors to collect book preorders, while retaining all rights to their work. Find Publishizer on Twitter. Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher

Weekly Featured Snippet – Get Internet Famous

Download Now We’re excited to feature Alejandro Reyes’ Snippet Get Internet Famous as our Featured Snippet this week, free! Alejandro believes the key to success online is positioning yourself as the most trusted, respected and “known” leader in your market. In Get Internet Famous you’ll learn practical insights & tips to build a powerful platform…Read More

Podcast: Nathan Kontny on Draft, Politics, and Y Combinator

Nathan Kontny joins the show to talk about his lifelong entrepreneurial efforts, including launching two early Y Combinator companies, Inkling, and Cityposh; working as a software engineer on President Obama’s re-election campaign; and Draft, his fantastic collaborative writing platform. Find Nate on Twitter. Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher