Snippet App Version 1.2 is here!

1.2 header

We’re excited to announce that the newest version of Snippet is now available! Snippet is still the short, beautiful, engaging reading experience that you enjoy, but this update takes Snippet up a notch with new and improved features. While Snippet likes to be a trendsetter, it also cares about what you think. So, Version 1.2 incorporates improvements and fixes based on your feedback, along with brand new features we think you’ll love. Here’s what Snippet 1.2 has to offer:

What’s New

  • Previewing. Test drive chapters 1 and 2 of any Snippet by downloading a free preview. And, don’t worry. If a test spin awakens a mid-read crisis, you can own the keys without breaking the bank. All Snippets are still less than five bucks.
  • Library. Your Snippet library just got a bit more exciting. You can now view your library in List or Thumbnail mode. Also, swipe to reveal new features, including: Like, Share, More Info, or Delete from Library. Plus, no whispering required.
  • Liking. You can now express your feelings for your favorite Snippets by swiping and touching the heart in your library or by touching the heart on the last page of any reading experience.
  • Settings. Snippet 1.2 is switching it up with beautiful new options like Dark Mode and Serif Font. Dark Mode is perfect for those who like to snuggle up in bed with a good read, or for those feeling just a tad sinister.
  • Free Snippet! You can now get the Snippet Snippet for free. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the Snippet App, explore Snippet’s features and discoverables and look at some token cat pictures.


What’s Better:

  • New video encoding and delivery system make downloading Video Discoverables faster and more reliable.
  • The ‘More Info’ page now includes Preview and Like Counts, with improved UI.
  • If you want to recommend a great read to your friends, you can now link directly to your favorite Snippet (i.e
  • Version 1.2 also includes improvements to the iPhone reading experience, updates for the Social Discoverable API, numerous UI touch-ups and a few Bug fixes.


Can’t wait to experience Snippet 1.2? Get it here: