Ted Coiné’s Return on Morale is in the Snippet Store!

Finally, the wait is over. We’re excited to say Ted Coiné’s Snippet, Return on Morale, is now in the Snippet Store.

Snippet App: Ted Coiné – Return on Morale from Snippet App on Vimeo.

Leaders, looking for a better way to do business? Ted Coiné is your man. Ted is a leadership blogger, writer and speaker specializing in the human side of business, and he’s bringing his sought-after expertise to you through Snippet. He created the Return on Morale Snippet to give you the tools you need to create a profitable, successful and sustainable business atmosphere in the 21st century. Ted provides practical advice, while creating an effective vision for leadership that’s applicable and invaluable to any business or organization.

Here’s what Ted has to say about his Snippet:

Command and control is dead – it’s laughable, it’s so ineffective. This short book, this Snippet, is dedicated to making that case. Within, you’ll find some of my most popular blog posts on the topic of leadership in this brave new economy, with some brand-new material I’ve never shared with an audience or on my blog. You’ll also find a short video in each mini-chapter. And, perhaps coolest of all for a social media maven like me, you’ll find social discoverables, ways for you to share what you like with your network as you read and watch, and to join the conversation online with some of the most fascinating thought leaders around using the #humanbiz hashtag on Twitter.

Whether it’s through the insightful text or engaging videos, the Return on Morale Snippet gives you the awesome opportunity to learn from a top-ranked business and leadership expert. Leaders, you’ll find the return on morale for your organization may be more valuable than you think!

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