Update coming quickly

Hey everyone—we have been working hard to update some of the app and we’ve already pushed thru an update to Apple and are awaiting approval.

There were some issues with video handling and readers not knowing that videos load in the background after the Snippet is downloaded to the library. These video and audio discoverables load in order of appearance in the Snippet (Ch.1 first and then Ch.2, etc.) and depending on the wi-fi signal the speed will vary.

We were able to address these and more—here’s the list:

Some Fixes:

  • Progress bar is more evident for audio and video downloads (lots of requests for this)
  • Better handling of audio and video
  • Text highlight/share menu now scrolls with the chapter
  • Improved user experience when expanding discoverables
  • Lots of user interface improvements and bug fixes


Some of the capabilities we’re glad to add:

  • Ability to watch videos in fullscreen landscape 
  • Ability to bring photos fullscreen (with pinch to zoom)
  • Tapping highlighted text now brings up its note
  • Update button in library if an update is available for a
  • SnippetFeedback button in settings


Thanks! We’re moving quickly to address questions and concerns, make sure to check out the uservoice feedback system and the blog for more updates. We appreciate all of your feedback, too!