Weekly Featured Snippet – Bee Bosnak’s Heal Yourself


We are excited to feature Bee Bosnak’s Heal Yourself Snippet as our Featured Snippet this week, free!

Bee is a yoga instructor who has been featured in many magazines and on several covers. Her simple and beautiful ten-chapter Snippet centers on how yoga can harmonize your mind, body & soul and bring healing from emotional side effects. Each chapter comes with three effective yoga postures plus one “challenge yoga pose.” Chapters include audio, photos, and instruction from Bee for healing for anxiety, heartbreak, anger, depression, and more.

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After a childhood of suffering from asthma and countless trips to the ER, Bosnak began her  yoga experience with Iyengar in a small and cozy studio in Los Angeles. One day, she discovered Core Power Yoga and there, as she sat in lotus pose in a 100-degree room, she knew that was it. She had found a physical path that harmonized her mind, body and my soul. After moving to Portland, in the Pacific Northwest in 2010, she decided to take her practice to the next level. Through CPY, she became a certified Power Vinyasa yoga teacher, and for the first time, she began to see the world through a wider lens.

“During that time I was going through one of the biggest transitions of my life. To remind myself of my journey, I got inked with the words Heal Yourself. I knew that the only person that could get me out of my funk was me, and only me. I used yoga to strengthen myself emotionally, breathing work to change my perspective mentally, and meditation to tune in spiritually. In a society filled with so many emotionally wounded people acting out their pain (such as myself), I knew that this was possibly the most important work I could have done. Heal. Heal my hurt, so that I did not pass it on. And this has manifested into my message,” says Bosnak.

About her Snippet, Bosnak says, “Imagine a short, rich, multimedia reading experience. Imagine the future of books. That’s SNIPPET, a new iOS app that’s dedicated to spotlighting authors in a very visual way. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never knew where to start. With Snippet, the concept is very easy: 1,000 words or less in each chapter, and with the ability to tell a profound message. That was the most important part for me–my message.”

Bosnak encourages others: “Once you are ready to follow the guidance of my Snippet:

-Allow your beginning to be full of curiosity and full of excitement.

-Enjoy being a beginner, because you only get one chance at it.

-Remind yourself not to let your detour get you down.

-Remove judgement from your practice.

-Don’t be the draining self-critic.

-Let your open ending be free, magical and fearless.”


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