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Marco Montemagno Snippet

We’re excited to have Marco Montemagno’s Snippet, How to Dominate the Digital World, as our Featured Snippet this week, free!

Marco is a digital entrepreneur, public speaker, broadcaster, and founder of the Digital Domination Summit. In his Snippet, he literally takes you on a journey where you can meet some of the brightest minds in the digital world–Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, and more –up close and personal, and learn from them as they share insights and videos that will help you pursue your own digital dreams.

We could talk about it all day (that’s how excited we are about it!), but instead, we’d love for you to see for yourself.

Check out this excerpt:

People are the life force of digital. They enter the digital ecosystem with value to offer others and hopes to achieve for themselves. People build the connections that make the digital universe function. Without the human element, the digital world would be a cold and desolate place—if it existed at all.

Understanding how people perceive, learn, and use digital capabilities is essential to your own digital acumen. There’s no better person to help us start gaining this appreciation than Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins—Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

“If you have the right strategy, you can compress decades into days. But lots of people know the strategy. They may even know what to do. They have their business or they have something they want to change in their life. They know what to do to change it for the better, but they’re not doing it. Why? Because they’re missing the right story.

Discover the rest of Tony’s great advice by watching the video.

Let’s put this in digital terms. The big question is: What are you going to do when you and your company enters the digital ecosystem? What are you going to do? How do you change? What will you do, and how will you adapt?

In other words, how will you change your state and the state of others to tell a compelling story that is remarkable? As Tony shared, that’s the undercurrent of human connection—as true online as offline.

A lot of people or companies can get scared by this potential, however. They often feel digital is too complicated. Bur rather than letting digital control you, you can take control of digital.

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