Weekly Featured Snippet – MBA Mondays by Fred Wilson


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We’re excited to have top Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson’s MBA Mondays as our featured Snippets this week, free!

A great primer on basic business principles, MBA Mondays is a must-read for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business leaders. This series combines business school lessons with real world experience to provide valuable insight to today’s business questions.

Fred Wilson is the principal VC behind Union Square Ventures and He is responsible for investments in Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Etsy. His MBA Mondays series teaches you all you need to know about building a startup that’s made to last.

Here are just a few nuggets from MBA Mondays:

“In business, hire people who will enjoy working together, who fit well together, and who will make each other better.”
“Ideas that most people derided as ridiculous have produced some of the best outcomes. Don’t do the obvious thing.”

“Being an entrepreneur is hard. Having supportive and caring investors helps.”

“I was taught, and I believe with all my head and heart that companies are worth the present value of future cash flows.”

Get solid inspiration, practical advice and business wisdom by downloading the MBA Mondays series via Snippet App for free, now. We’re excited to share this free resource with you!