Weekly Featured Snippet – Paul Jarvis’s Eat Awesome


We’re excited to have Paul Jarvis’s Snippet Eat Awesome as our Featured Snippet this week, free!

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 About Eat Awesome…

Being touted as, “a regular person’s guide to plant-based, whole foods,” Eat Awesome is packed with useful, easy-to-understand information on plant-based cooking. It’s not a science textbook; it’s more like a conversation with a guy who really loves food. And it’s gorgeous too, with full-screen photos for every recipe. Eat Awesome won’t shame you into cooking or eating differently. Rather, it will show you new ideas, interesting meals, and encourage you to play with your food.

No dogma, just deliciousness.

It’s got nut jokes. Lots of them (and there’s a whole section on using a nut sack). (Nuts are funny. Don’t pretend they’re not.) It doesn’t matter if you call yourself vegan, raw, “Captain Stupendo” or Mom.

You are what you eat — so why not eat awesome?

“I’ve already started integrating Paul’s Eat Awesome recipes into my weekly meal plans. His straightforward approach to nourishing raw and cooked food makes it easy to be creative and put your own spin on the dishes (not that you need to, they’re already delicious!). I’m daydreaming about the Chickpea Curry right now…” - Corinne Bowen | Journalist, content editor & writing consultant


How can you download Paul’s amazing Snippet?

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Paul Jarvis doesn’t know everything. But food is his life, and his life is pretty awesome. He’s a website designer, yogi, minimalist and touring musician. He believes veganism is love – and anyone who tells you otherwise can be kicked in the junk. He lives with his amazing wife, Lisa, in Victoria, British Columbia.