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We’re excited to have Ted Coine’s Snippet Return on Morale as our Featured Snippet this week, free!


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About Return on Morale…

What would it mean to your company’s performance if your employees loved working there? Would it affect your ability to innovate? Would it lower your turnover, and make recruiting a breeze? And if you think it would, how would you make that shift happen? Return on Morale is the essential guidebook every leader needs to move their organization from a 20th century mindset into the 21st Century – and into competitive dominance!



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Just some of the awesome tips and insights inside Ted’s Snippet:

- Lead Like All Your Employees are Volunteers
- This Trumps Strategy. You Need More of This.
- Why Customer Service is a Leadership Issue
- Dear CEO: Who Tells You When Your Baby Is Ugly?
- The Law of The Umbrella
- Control or Engagement. Never Both
- The Power of WHY
- Dear Enterprise Leader: You’re Screwed. Here’s Why.
- Regaining Trust: a CEO’s Guide


Ted Coiné is founder and co-CEO of the popular multimedia leadership blog,, where he is the host of Switch and Shift TV. He is one of the most influential business leaders on Twitter, with a following of over 230,000, and growing rapidly. He has been ranked by Huffington Post for his business leadership insight, and by Forbes as a Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer. Ted is author of Five-Star Customer ServiceSpoil ’Em Rotten! His next full-length book, How Business Will Be Done in A World Gone Social, is due out in spring, 2014. Prior to writing his first book, Ted was founder and CEO of Coiné Language School, a Boston-based B2B company he brought from his living room to a $10 million valuation in four years by focusing relentlessly on customer service. An inspirational speaker, Ted and his family live in Naples, Florida, where he is active in the tech startup scene.