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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for SnippoWriMo?

It’s easy-peasy. and you’ll get access to Snippet’s super-amazing Writer Dashboard. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter too so you can receive updates and encouragement throughout your journey.

How do I let others know I’m joining in?

Glad you asked! We’ve made some handy participation badges you can proudly display to let others know you are part of SnippoWriMo. Link them to the SnippoWriMo web page so people can click on your badge and join in too.

Click to download your SnippoWriMo Badge

How do I write a Snippet?

Snippet's state-of-the-art Writer Dashboard provides you with a brand new publishing path for your work. When you sign up for SnippoWriMo, you will get information access the Writer Dashboard so you can begin creating your Snippet right away. You can then publish and monetize your stories, ideas, and expertise quickly and easily, in a high quality, beautiful format. And, maybe the coolest part? It’s free.

What kind of Snippet should I create?

Snippets are great for sharing stories, ideas, and expertise. We’re sure your content is amazing, but if you’re still considering what to write about, you can visit the Snippet store and browse the different titles to see what others have done. There are Snippets in both fiction and nonfiction, covering things like creativity, poetry, personal growth, marketing, business, blogging, startups, parenting, food, health and more.

I joined in on NaNoWriMo, but I didn’t finish.

You’re still a winner, and we want to help you be successful! Participate in SnippoWriMo and create a Snippet as an alternate way to share your work. You can publish it as a shorter piece (similar to a novella or long story), or you can continue writing your novel and create a Snippet as a companion piece for it. You can also use Snippet to serialize your work, publishing portions of your longer work and sharing it with readers. And last, but not least, you can create a Snippet for an entirely different story. Whatever you do, we’re sure it will be amazing!

I joined in on NaNoWriMo, and I finished!

You are awesome! Writing a 50,000 word novel in a month is no small feat. And, don’t worry, you can still join in on SnippoWriMo. Snippet can provide an exciting way to create a companion piece for your novel. For example, best-selling author, Jeff Goins wrote a Snippet as a companion piece to his book The In-Between and both are currently available. His book is a memoir and his Snippet contains videos and stories of people who were impacted by his book. You can also create a Snippet as a pre-marketing tool, giving your readers a glimpse of backstories or characters, or even an inside peek at your process of creating the book.

How do I know if I win SnippoWriMo?

Anyone who signs up for SnippoWriMo and writes a Snippet in January 2014 wins! We’ve even created some fun “winner” badges that you’ll get when you finish the process and publish your Snippet. To highlight you when you win, we will place your Snippet in the SnippoWriMo section of the Snippet store.

When I publish my Snippet, can people buy it?

Yes! After you publish your Snippet and it has been approved, it will become available for download in the Snippet store from $.99 - $4.99.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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