Adriana Girdler


Adriana Girdler is one of Canada's foremost business efficiency experts. As President of Cornerstone Dynamics, Adriana specializes in guiding leading companies into an examination of their internal business processes, and providing leading-edge solutions towards enhancing organizational effectiveness and improving the company bottom line. For close to twenty years, Adriana has worked inside different industries and companies in improving how they do what they do. Her creative and invigorating methodologies allow all of her clients to dramatically improve both their internal efficiency and external productivity. As a self-admitted “efficientologist”, Adriana is passionate about improvement and efficiency, in both people and organizations, and brings this enthusiasm to her public speaking presentations and in her publications in an engaging and entertaining manner sure to add value and information for any audience.

Opening the Doors to Empowerment

Empower Yourself Through Adriana Girdler’s New Pocket Book!

  • Price: $ 2.99
  • Date: 2013-11-14
  • Categories: Business

Opening the Doors to Empowerment' is a clever little book about powerful guidelines to empowerment, with the potential to bring around serious results. Get all the details in our latest blog post: