10 Weeks to a 10 Minute Meditation

A Guide to Building a Personal Meditation Practice

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  • Date: 2015-05-06
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Meditation can be somewhat unapproachable. Many are turned off by the idea that they have to sit and clear their mind of all thought for seconds and minutes at a time. With this snippet, you will learn a new approach to meditation that promises to not require you to be bored. The only requirement is a little commitment and an open mind. Each week we will gradually increase your meditation, so we all get to ease into the ten minute meditation goal like we ease into a hot bath: with careful consideration.


a sampling

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Welcome to a mix of information about yoga. This is a collection of my most popular blog posts all in one spot. This "blook" covers everything from cleaning your yoga mat to fire up your digestive system with yoga. I hope you enjoy!