Dave Cox



CEO and Creative Strategist at Elevendy Inc. a creative support studio located in Northern California, working nationwide and internationally with clients you've likely heard of as well as a few you probably haven't. My focus has always been on people, the ones I work with, the ones I lead, the ones who lead me, and most importantly... my clients and partners. My passion is building friendships with clients and driving groundbreaking work that blows their minds executionally. My drive is to continue to build visually innovative teams that create concepts no one has ever seen before. At Elevendy we've built a team that settles for nothing less than the absolute best. If you've been a purchaser of creative services, you know that is a unique attitude for an individual, let alone an entire company.

The Ultimate Innovation Worksheet

That Will Change The Way Your Company Thinks, Starting Now.

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  • Date: 2014-04-14
  • Categories: Business, Creative, Culture

It's no secret that some of today's most successful companies are innovators in their fields, the same can be said of the advertising industry. Ever see an ad and think "Damn, I wish I had done that"? of course you have, we all have. Even more impressive are the times you and I see ads that make us think "Wow... that agency really got into the mind of the audience. That's relatable on every level." I live for those moments. Those moments don't develop in an atmosphere of stifled creativity, rejected thoughts, or even worse fear of failure.