Domino Finn


Domino Finn is a science-fiction and fantasy author who has a decade of award-winning experience in the video game industry in Los Angeles. He likes to write about believable characters in unbelievable circumstances. Travel, technology, and trouble are his inspirations; music and football his distractions; and alcohol, well, it depends on the number of drinks.

Blood Magic

  • Price: Free
  • Date: 2015-02-21
  • Categories: Fiction, Short Story, Creative

When they found the first body, no one batted an eye. That was par for the course in Skid Row. But something with these deaths was off. They were made to look like ritualistic suicides, like something supernatural. But I knew better. Besides, I don't believe in magic. My name is Rick Danvers and I'm an undercover detective with Robbery Homicide. I've been embedded in this slum for a week now, and before the night is over, I'm gonna get to the bottom of the Skid Row Suicides.