Jason Kotecki



Jason Kotecki is an artist, author, and professional speaker. Jason and his wife Kim (a former kindergarten teacher) make it their mission in life to fight Adultitis and help people use strategies from childhood to design lives with less stress and more fun. A dad of three kids, Jason is also an avid Star Wars watcher, Batman admirer, and Froot Loops eater.


20 Tiny Ways to Make Life More Amazing

  • Price: $ 1.99
  • Date: 2014-05-23
  • Categories: Personal Growth, Creative, Family

Our lives are stories. Sometimes living a better story requires making a big, hairy, scary change. Like moving across the country or taking a huge pay cut to do what you love. But most of the time we just need to be open to the art of tinkering. If you’re serious about improving your story, you should get serious about tinkering. This book has 20 simple ideas – small experiments, if you will – that will get you thinking in new ways and get your story moving in exciting new directions.