Jeff Thornton


I was born and raised in Alamogordo, NM and was the last of 6 children. My Dad is retired Air Force and my Mom is a Registered Nurse. I am an entrepreneur and CEO of my company 8T Inc. I have a strong passion for fitness, health, and technology. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from New Mexico Highlands University, where I also played football for the University. After completing my collegiate athletic career I began competing in natural bodybuilding. Through my journey of bodybuilding I really discovered a true love for health and fitness. Bodybuilding changed my life and truly inspired me to help other. I strive to teach people and help them reach their goals. By creating books I'm able to reach out to share my journey that will hopefully inspire others to reach their dreams.

Gluten-Free Slow Cooker

60 Gluten-Free Recipes Made Simple

  • Price: $ 2.99
  • Date: 2013-08-16
  • Categories: Food, Health

Jeff Thornton brings to your kitchen 60 delicious slow cooker meals that are healthy, simple, and gluten-free. Whether you choose to eat gluten free as part of a non-processed diet or are instructed to only eat gluten free foods because of various medical conditions, Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes: 60 Gluten-Free Recipes Made Simple is for you! Inside Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes, You Will Discover: - 60 unique recipes from Heavenly Cinnamon Buns, Million Dollar BBQ Chicken, Chicago Style Bread, and MORE! - What it means to eat Gluten-Free? - Slow Cooker Tips Bon Appetit!