Jennifer Marshall


Jennifer is a former professional recruiter turned writer/mental health advocate via her blog, BipolarMomLife. She blogs for's Word of Mom Community, has contributed’s blog, Giving Birth with Confidence, and is a regular contributor to Wyn Magazine, an online magazine focused on providing resources and hope for mental and emotional healing. She's also working on a memoir. Jennifer is currently producing a live performance, theater-based show on mental health awareness and appreciation which will debut in Arlington, VA in May of 2014 called This Is My Brave (

Find Your Brave

{a manifesto}

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  • Date: 2014-02-17
  • Categories: People, Culture, Entertainment

Find Your Brave is the manifesto of a young woman who learned that - yes - being handed a mental illness diagnosis can be devastating. At first. But you CAN get your life back. If only you take an unconventional approach. This Is My Brave - the show - is her call for action. Let's open up about mental illness so that others can realize they're not alone.