Katie Davis



Katie Davis' children's books, published by Harcourt, S&S, and HarperCollins, have sold over 755,000 copies, which is why she then published How to Promote Your Children's Book. Katie is a writer entrepreneur, a writer in business helping other writers. She does this through her newsletter, products, and podcast, Brain Burps About Books. She is also the Director of the Institute for Writers. After winning the 2012 School Library Journal Trailee Award, Katie launched Video Idiot Boot Camp: For People Who Think Videos Are Hard To Create. She's passionate about the power of video to connect writers and small business owners to their tribes. Katie has been honored to speak everywhere from a maximum security prison, to schools around the world, to keynotes at conferences and fundraising galas.

Video Idiot No More!

A Why, What, & How-to Guide for Marketing Your Book Using Video

  • Price: $ 1.99
  • Date: 2013-10-22
  • Categories: Business, Creative, Education

According to Cisco Systems 90% of all web traffic will soon be video. That's why everyone - especially writers - needs to know how to make video. Or risk becoming out of touch, out of date, and irrelevant. As the winner of the 2012 School Library Trailee Award, and former video idiot, author/illustrator Katie Davis takes non-techy writers by the hand and brings them through the video creation process in a safe, un-intimidating and informational way.