Kelly Boies

I love words and the stories they create. With the skills I've developed and a growing passion for literature, I hope to share wholesome and engaging stories that delight young people and glorify God. Let's open our minds and dive into the imagination, where all kinds of adventures are waiting.


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  • Date: 2013-12-13
  • Categories: Religion, Culture, Creative

In Escape, the first book of the Hyram Collection, dangers at home become too much for Cassie Ballenworth, so she seeks strength and rejuvenation by way of a mysterious castle in the far off mountains. Nevertheless, a castle with elegant ballrooms and secret passageways, foreign guests and intriguing servants, has its own challenges. As Cassie tries to find healing and safe relationships, a small but formidable army charges nearby towns, bringing danger into Cassie’s life once again. Cassie must pay the price of loyalty and embrace the adventures, which prove that life never rests.