Meg Worden


Meg Worden is a writer and health coach who specializes in attainable, enjoyable and realistic approaches to peace with food as it relates to success in business and art. She works with clients all over the world from her base in Portland, Oregon. Meg's health related and non-fiction writing have appeared in Ascent Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, Elephant Journal and a variety of print work including The Dressing Room an anthology to be published by Seal Press in 2014, as well as her own soon to be published memoir project about the two years she spent learning about hunger and freedom in federal prison. Find her at and on twitter @megworden.

Salad Alchemy

7 lovely life-shifting salads

  • Price: $ 1.99
  • Date: 2013-09-05
  • Categories: Food, Creative

Salad Alchemy is 7 lovely, life shifting salads, with ingredients that hold in them legend, story, nutrients and energy to transform your body and belief system about food. This is not your ordinary cookbook or recipe book. This is seven story-centric salad recipes that serve to guide you into a deeper understanding of how pleasurable the preparation and consumption of food can be. It can be an ecstatic experience, even if you’re eating salad. The current food paradigm would have you checking micronutrients and fretting over the balance of carbs or proteins on your plate. Boring. Salad Alchemy says, “No thank you” to rigid dietary thinking and makes plenty of dancing room for dynamism, effervescence and you. Salad Alchemy is playful, joyful, radiant, and uses walnuts because they look like adorable little brains. It just doesn’t get any sweeter than that.