Michael Heuninckx



Hello Snippet Readers, My name is Michael Heuninckx and I graduated from nursing school in April of 2011 and since then, I have worked in the fast paced environment of the Emergency Department. I currently am a graduate student at Oakland University studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have a passion for writing, education, and developing creative ways to educate students, patients and their family members.

Code Blue! Now What?

Learn what to do when your patient needs you the most!

  • Price: $ 4.99
  • Date: 2014-04-23
  • Categories: Education, Health, Medical

Congratulations! You have just graduated nursing school, passed your boards and received your first job as a Registered Nurse at Code Blue Regional Hospital and Medical Center. Every new employee receives a copy of the hospital’s own book, Code Blue! Now What?, an interactive journey that sheds light on all of the insider details that go into a Code Blue! It is one thing to be taught how to perform CPR and gain a certification, but did you learn about: Prevention? Leadership? Teamwork? Knowing your limitations? How to prepare your patient? Owning your arena? Getting in with the family? Well you will learn this and much more. By the end of this book, you will have gained insight on issues and topics that take years for nurses to learn. Are you ready?