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Social media marketer with a strong emphasis on site audit, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization & email marketing. Content curator & hashtag marketing expertise, my current role includes social profile moderation across various social networking channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, OverBlog, Google, WordPress, etc. Work on social mentions are available by following hashtags like #HashtagMarketing, #HashtagURLs, #blogs4bytes, #Hshdsh across Twitter, Google+, Facebook & Tumblr. Experience with responsive site design including email, parallax search engine optimized landing pages, parallax campaigns with themed storytelling driven by hashtag marketing across native advertising formats. Create storytelling campaigns from inception to optimize marketing design, social campaigning, Social Selling, & Conversion analysis. Lead real time campaign monitoring to formulate efficient audience targeting designs by using social media tools for user behavioural profiling. Create visually rich storytelling campaigns branded hashtag topics in the content copy that are sponsored via native advertising unobtrusive in nature. In Metal I Trust, With Metal I tryst. #RnDmRituals // +KingDevil Find me on Google+ or on Twitter Visit //

Tattoos in Workplace: #The_Tattoo_Project

Does a tattoo harm professional impressions about you? What is unprofessional about tattoos? #The_Tattoo_Project

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  • Date: 2014-10-24
  • Categories: Arts, Culture, Fashion

Socially visible tattoo marks often draws negative attention, stereotyped and can even extend invitation for discrimination. Society eyes them as unequal, delinquents, gang hood, and so on. In fact many multi national companies & organizations may not hire in case you are sporting a visible tattoo mark in your body.

Rendezvous with Mars – MAVEN enters orbit, Mangalyaan next on schedule!

India's maiden mission to mars in final phases as final commands for Mars Orbital Insertion was successfully uploaded for September 24 2014.

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  • Date: 2014-09-21
  • Categories: Science, Technology, History

September 24 2014 7:30AM, Indian will become the first Asian country to send a probe to Mars and first to successfully complete deep space Mars exploration mission on its maiden attempt. NASA’s Mars Atmosphere Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) probe is just days ahead of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission aka MOM will undergo a crucial phase when the probe thrusters burn to get enough momentum for entering Mars gravity and fall into a looking orbit beginning at 9:37PM EDT. (Source) India’s Mangalyaan probe successfully completed time tagged commands required to execute Mars Orbital Insertion procedure as updated by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on 15 September 2014. By 16 September 2014, the uploading process was reported to have completed and latest updates confirm that uploading of commands Fourth Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre as well as test firing the Main Liquid Engine scheduled for 22 September 2014 in progress. (Source) Check out the Mars Orbital Inser