Taurean J. Watkins



Growing up, Taurean J.Watkins was more into television, movies and video games, than the written word. That changed when as a teenager he finally encountered the books that would convert him, and of course, fantastical animal stories were at the heart of what he read, but still reads about the human world in a more "realistic" sense, too. While he lacks the usual book experiences of most authors (Or just avid bookworms) attribute to their desire and impulse to see the fun books can provide; being read to as a kid, having easy access to a library, or falling in love with (Or even relating to) various "Classics" which predate his grandmother's birth, never mind his own, he knows that it's never too late to find the joy of reading. Whether you're 6, 16, 26--or even older! Of course, he still loves various television shows, movies, and video games, but they often take a backseat to his late-blooming love of reading and writing books.

Crocodile Flint

Adventures of a

  • Price: $ 1.99
  • Date: 2014-02-18
  • Categories: Kids, Entertainment, Fiction

The name's Crocodile Flint. I'm a private detective in Storyland. It’s the place where storybook characters are tossed after our stories are told. I'll take any case, big or small. From Mary Contrary's missing maids, to the kidnapped Baby Bear, they all pay the rent. If only I could figure out what that two-bit panther, Conrad Bordeaux, has to do with everything. He knows something. Maybe he knows who wrote my story, and why it was never finished. All I have to do is get him to talk. One thing’s certain though, this ain’t your grandma’s fairy tale.