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Notes from Seth Godin's Revolution Conference

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  • Date: 2014-06-18
  • Categories: Business, Personal Growth, Creative

Need to get your business unstuck or bring your business to the next level? This is the guide for you. I had the honor of spending two days with the world's leading marketer, entrepreneur and ruckus maker: Seth Godin. Saying I learned some useful stuff is an understatement. This guide is the compiled wisdom and knowledge of spending two days with Seth Godin. In it, we cover: 1) 14 questions you need to ask yourself to get your business (or yourself) unstuck 2) How to apply principles from Poke the Box, Purple Cow, Ideavirus, and more, to increase your reach, impact, and sales 3) How to break out of average and create something remarkable through permission marketing and the connection economy 4) Why we don't need commodities - but we do need YOU (and how this will improve your businesses bottom line) 5) What it means to craft and tell a story (and how to do it) so you