Tony Markey


I am a banjoist, lover of infographics, Zombies, running, politics and social commentary. That's a pretty odd mix for a guy from North Pole Alaska with a Bachelors in Theater Arts and Masters In Business Administration. But then, I've always been eclectic. I published my first book this month, Re-Run: My 30-Day Experiment to Fall Back in Love with Running, but I obviously have other interests I'm exploring too. Stay tuned by signing up on my website for blog updates. Cheers!

Dumberica: An Introduction

How Our Smart Culture is M8king Us Dumbr, and How We Can Fixes It.

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  • Date: 2014-12-28
  • Categories: Humor, Culture

Let’s get one thing straight: AMERICA IS GREAT. It’s a grand experiment in a blend of capitalism and free-market ideas blended with a country of caring and enterprising free spirits. We rebelled against England because they were profiting unfairly off our pioneering efforts –the cardinal sin of the capitalist freedom we revere. The pilgrims left England for religious freedom, and we insist on such freedoms today, including the right to say whatever we want to whomsoever we want, whenever we want. Well, mostly. On a related note, this book is copyrighted. This is the first chapter of an upcoming book series that asks some tough questions of Dumberica in a lighthearted way. It's challenging. Humorous. At times silly. I hope that someday it might be considered a series of important treatises on the dumbing-down of America, and what we can do to regain our greatness. First few chapters in this snippet, with feedback requested! Thank you