Weekly Featured Snippet - Shawn Murphy’s Creating Joy At Work


We are excited to feature Shawn Murphy’s ‘Creating Joy At Work’ as our featured Snippet this week!

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From Creating Joy At Work: The current work environments that suck the life, joy, even optimism out of employees and the culture will render companies irrelevant - a relic of the 20th century. The fundamental shift needed to create mutually beneficial relationship is to fervently move away from a white-knuckled grip of the culture and work environment. To create mutually beneficial relationships, a diligent and consistent focus needs to be on creating a work environment that ignites employees passions and talents. This is when joy begins to emerge.

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Shawn is the co-founder of Switch & Shift. When not writing he works with clients to design and implement change. Shawn is a top ranked leadership blogger on Huffington Post and HR Examiner.