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Weekly Featured Snippet - Aad Boot’s The Cross-Cultural Compass

We are excited to feature Aad Boot’s The Cross-Cultural Compass as our featured Snippet this week! Download Now From Cross-Cultural Compass: Your ability to build relationships and stimulate collaboration across cultures has become a crucial leadership competency in today’s globalized economy. We strive to engage, involve, and motivate colleagues from other cultures. But despite our best efforts,…Read More

Weekly Featured Snippet - Jill Williamson’s Punctuation 101

We’re excited to have Christy Award Winning Author Jill Williamson’s Snippet Punctuation 101 as our Featured Snippet this week, free! Download Now  About Punctuation 101… a Go Teen Writers Snippet. Punctuation 101 is a short, beautiful, and easy to read collection of blog posts from on the topic of correct punctuation in writing fiction. Keep the…Read More