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Podcast: Guy Vincent on Crowdfunding Books

Guy Vincent joins Matt to talk about how authors can use crowdfunding as a book sales strategy. Guy runs Publishizer, a platform for authors to collect book preorders, while retaining all rights to their work. Find Publishizer on Twitter. Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher

Podcast: Nathan Kontny on Draft, Politics, and Y Combinator

Nathan Kontny joins the show to talk about his lifelong entrepreneurial efforts, including launching two early Y Combinator companies, Inkling, and Cityposh; working as a software engineer on President Obama’s re-election campaign; and Draft, his fantastic collaborative writing platform. Find Nate on Twitter. Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher

Podcast: Phil Shay on Telling Difficult Stories

Phil Shay is the Director of Development at Abolition International, a non-profit organization committed to creating a collaborative community of inspired abolitionists who are determined to end sex slavery in our lifetime. Phil shares how the power of story can change lives, inspire action, and why difficult stories need to be treated with sensitivity. Find…Read More

Podcast: Rebecca Livermore on Content Repurposing

Professional writer Rebecca Livermore shares her experiences creating engaging content for print and web publications over the last twenty years, particularly in how original content can repurposed to serve audiences in multiple venues. Rebecca and Matt also discuss how personal stories drive engagement and how to tell those personal stories well. Find Rebecca at Professional…Read More