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What Do Authors Want, Really?

As an aspiring or published author, what do you want from your writing career? Fame? Fortune? Freedom? All of the above? It seems that today some authors get to have their cake and eat it too. Not only did their self-published books develop a huge fan base, and provide financial independence, but the authors got…Read More

Playing Scared? Get Out of the Game

I remember when my favorite sound was squeaky shoes on freshly mopped parquet. Or wait, maybe it was the loud reverberating slap of an off-hand punctuating a defensive rebound. No, I know. The most delightful sound to me, if I can describe it correctly, was the sound of utter perfection. Thwup. Frip. KUNH. CHOONK. A…Read More

The Beginners Guide to Effective Editing

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” — Mark Twain Every writer, from experienced authors to fresh bloggers, has to contend with editing. Editing is an invaluable and inseparable element of writing; it cannot be overlooked. And most writers don’t write for a large publishing house…Read More

Thinking Outside the Book

The publishing industry is in a state of tremendous flux. The traditional model where publishers act as gatekeepers to talent is under siege from ebooks and self-publishing. Authors today don’t have to bang on the doors of the “Big Six” publishers like Random House to get their books published; they can leverage existing platforms like…Read More

Author Standards: What’s Good Enough?

Why do people band together for greater democratization of services, societies, and governments? They want greater fairness of inclusion, right? The people insist on being more included in the process—the process of debate, the process of establishing standards, the process of governance, the process of reforms. For the people and by the people is the…Read More