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Snippet App Version 1.2 is here!

We’re excited to announce that the newest version of Snippet is now available! Snippet is still the short, beautiful, engaging reading experience that you enjoy, but this update takes Snippet up a notch with new and improved features. While Snippet likes to be a trendsetter, it also cares about what you think. So, Version 1.2…Read More

Snippet App in the Press

Snippet’s grand entrance into the world of applications has not gone unnoticed. In the two months since its launch, Snippet App has been featured and reviewed in numerous newspaper articles, blog posts and podcast episodes. Here’s what some of the Snippet paparazzi have to say: [View the story "Snippet In The Press " on Storify]…Read More

People are buzzing about Snippet App!

Whether it’s the stunning layout, short-form content or engaging discoverables, Snippet is giving people something to talk about. We’ve found Snippet chatter on Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, blog posts, comment threads and more! Check out some of the things people are saying about Snippet App:     [View the story “What People Are Saying About Snippet…Read More

Snippet Writer Packet

    Ready to write your Snippet? We’re working hard to finish our Writer Dashboard. In the mean time, check out this handy writer’s packet with specifics on what goes into creating and publishing your Snippet. We’ve added a handy checklist to allow you to track and organize the content you’ll need for your Snippet.…Read More