How Videos Should Work

With any new product you always end up with little bugs that need to be worked out. One of the biggest ones we had with Snippet’s first release was an issue with Video downloading and the video load bar. With our newest release we’ve been able to fix this. Here is how video downloading should…Read More

New Release - Version 1.1.9

We are really excited to push the latest version of Snippet. If you already have the app you can get the latest version by going to the App Store on your device and looking in updates, if your getting the app for the first time you can get it here. What to expect. Some Fixes:…Read More

Introducing Sniffit for Snippet.

We love the smell of books. It’s the one thing that sets traditional books apart from the electronic-until now. SniffIt is is an accessory that attaches to your iOS device and releases over 10,000 pre-loaded scents, including the nostalgic “old book smell.” For the first time ever, you can engage in a multi-sensory, mobile reading…Read More

Update coming quickly

Hey everyone—we have been working hard to update some of the app and we’ve already pushed thru an update to Apple and are awaiting approval. There were some issues with video handling and readers not knowing that videos load in the background after the Snippet is downloaded to the library. These video and audio discoverables…Read More

Great Feedback from our Readers

We’re thrilled already with the response from readers of our Snippets. Here’s a sampling of what people are saying about the Snippet App and Pat Flynn’s Let Go:   Hooray for @patflynn‘s new book Let Go on the gorgeous @snippetapp platform. Get it here: #LetGoBook — Matt Gartland (@MattGartland) March 25, 2013   Just read/watched/listened to…Read More

We Want your Feedback

Since we are so new, you might notice some bugs and things that might not work as expected. We will be pushing out regular updates to address these issues. Give us your feedback at…. erm, We also are starting a support community here to help troubleshoot any issues you might have:

Snippet—Out of its Cage

  We’re so happy to ship the first release of the Snippet App for iOS! Thank you to all of our initial batch of authors on the Snippet platform—we are excited to have you onboard and grow with us. We have received such amazing feedback and here’s the thing—we are JUST getting started. We have…Read More